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Beef Carpaccio with grated parmesan cheese, rocket salad

with a balsamic-olive marinade and baguette

€ 9,90 (1,7,15,16,17,19)

King prawn tails fried in olive oil with melted tomatoes, tangy herb-garlic butter and baguette

€ 13,90 (1,2)

Platter of starters with prosciutto on melon, smoked salmon, king prawn tail, ewe’s cheese cubes, marinated vegetables and baguette

€ 10,50 (1,2,4,7,16,17)



Clear consommé with meat balls, custard royal and diced vegetables

€ 4,60 (3,7,9)


Turnip soup with thyme and crispy fried ham pieces

€ 5,00 (1,7,9,16,17)


fish dishes


 Fried Red Snapper filet with a lime – mint sauce on young leaf spinach and wild basmati rice

with salad from the salad bar

€ 18,50 (1,2,4,7)


Fried Pollack filet with a horseradish-mustard sauce, mixed carrots and potatoes with parsley

with salad from the salad bar

€ 20,50 (1,4,7,10,14)


meat dishes


„Alderman Plate“

Three pork fillets with cream sauce, fresh mushrooms,

vegetables and roast potatoes, with salad from the salad bar

€ 15,90 (1,7,9)


Young pork loin filets with a crust of herbs, pink pepper sauce, fine vegetable bouquet and roast hash browns

with salad from the salad bar

€ 14,90 (1,3,9)

Beef and pork filet on the skewer with a peanut butter sauce, Asian vegetables and sesame gnocchi

with salad from the salad bar

€ 19,50 (1,3,5,7,9,11)


Braised leg of lamb with olive sauce on courgette-tomato vegetable and pearl barley-risotto with rosemary

with salad from the salad bar

€ 16,50 (1,9,20)


Breast of corn poulard with curry-curcuma-coconut sauce, fried fruit and almond rice

with salad from the salad bar

€ 15,20 (1,3,8)


Rathskeller speciality (for 2 or more people):

Entrecôte “double” medium rare steak, carved at the table with sauce béarnaise,

fine seasonal vegetables, hash browns and roast potatoes,

with salad from the salad bar

€ 22,90 pro Person (price per person)



steak specialities


Arrange your meal according to your own wishes:

Black Angus beef fillet steak

Approx. 200g (7oz) gross weight

€ 28,50

Black angus beef rump steak

Approx. 200g (7oz) gross weight

€ 21,90


Pork loin steak

Approx. 200g (7oz) gross weight

€ 13,50


Turkey steak

Approx. 200g (7oz) gross weight

€ 14,50


Salmon steak

Approx. 200g (7oz) gross weight

€ 19,50 (4)



with herb butter or sauce béarnaise

baked potato with herb quark or French fries or roast potatoes

served with grilled tomato and salad from the salad bar


 small dishes



Jacket potato filled with a ragout of mushrooms, spring onions and tomatoes,

gratinated with cheese and strips of salmon, salad garnish and herb dip

€ 11,90 (3,4,7)


Homemade marinated meat in jelly with onions, gherkin, remoulade sauce and roast potatoes

€ 13,50 (3,4,10,14)


„Mediterranean“ gnocchi with olives, tomatoes, basil, ewe’s cheese cubes and pesto

€ 10,50 (1,3,7,8,20)



Roast red cabbage dumplings with wild mushrooms in cream and fried bread dumplings

€ 10,90 (1,3,7)


Tagliatelle with fried goose liver and rocket salad in red wine sauce

€ 11,50 (1,3,9)



Chocolate – semolina pudding with white chocolate sauce and morello cherries

€ 6,30 (3,7)


Mascarpone parfait and egg liqueur on a citrus fruit salad

€ 7,50 (3,7)


Fresh seasonal fruit salad

€ 8,50 (25)

Fine ice-cream (3 scoops) without / with whipped cream

€ 4,00 / € 4,50 (1,3,7,25)


Auswahl von internationalen Käsespezialitäten mit Brot und Butter

Assorted international cheese platter with bread and butter

€ 11,90 (1,7,15)


Our menu contains allergens. If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance,

please let a member of the restaurant team know upon placing your order.


Declaration of allergenic additives in accordance with EU regulation:

1 glutenous cereal                                    2 crustaceans                                    
3 egg

4 fish                                                           5 peanuts                                            
6 soybeans

7 dairy                                                         8 nuts                                                    9 celery

10 mustard                                                11 sesame seeds                         

12 lupines

13 molluscs                                               14 sulphur dioxide / sulphites        

15 with colouring agent

16 with preservatives                              17 with antioxidants                        

18 with flavour enhancer

19 sulphurated                                          20 blackened                                      21 with phosphate

22 with milk protein                                 23 containing caffeine                      
24 containing quinine

25 with artificial sweetener                    26 a source of phenylalanine       

27 waxed

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27.05. Mon.  €102.50    €137
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